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    23700 Michigan Ave
    Dearborn, Michigan 48124

    Phone: 313 565 2577
    Hours: Serving Burgers Monday - Sat 11:00am to 12:30 midnight Bar opens 10:00am to 2:00am Monday thru Saturday Closed on Sundays Gone Fishing
About Millers Bar

Dearborn, Michigan Ave Just East of Telegraph Road North Side of the Street

Metro Detroit's most famous burger is an undeniably delicious no-frills classic: a thick patty
of fresh ground beef on an honest bun, brought to your table on a square of waxed paper.
Help yourself to pickles from a jar on the condiment tray or a sliced onion.
Want cheese? It's Swiss or Velveeta, sliced off long loafs and melted onto the patty into near-
oblivion. You won't get a bill; just tell the bar tender what you had and he'll tell you what you owe.
Check out our web site: millersbar.com
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Recommendations for Millers Bar

  • Millers Bar has won Local, Regional, and National awards for their Burgers and there is a reason for that!! Fresh every day nothing frozen. When is the last time you went into a neighbor hood bar that is loaded with families, young children, old and young alike. This place is iconic and generation keep coming back. Take a road trip and enjoy world famous Millers Bar in the heart of West Dearborn!!!!!!

  • The Best ever!

  • 5 star burgers!!!!!!

  • The best!

  • You can't beat them. Try them !

  • Come on down and enjoy the greatest burger!

  • I like the KISS rule! Keep It Simple Stupid! Millers Bar does just that...great meat patty, tasting bun, great Velveeta cheese,and your condiments. It is this combination of awesome meat, cheese, and bun that makes Millers Bar a winner! Gary

  • Everyone should try their burgers - they won't go to any other place after trying these burgers.????

  • The best around and the only place that works on the honor system. you

  • The best is always the best!

  • Best burger in the U.S.A.

  • Generations....the honor system....only burger I will order!

  • MILLERS! Makes my mouth water just thinking about their burgers. I now live in Florida but stop there whenever I am in town.

  • Best I have ever had!

  • Absolute GREAT, great burger!