Miller's Bar

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    23700 Michigan Ave
    Dearborn, Michigan 48124

    Phone: 313 565 2577
    Hours: Serving Burgers Monday - Sat 11:00am to 12:30 midnight Bar opens 10:00am to 2:00am Monday thru Saturday Closed on Sundays Gone Fishing
About Miller's Bar

Dearborn, Michigan Ave Just East of Telegraph Road North Side of the Street

Metro Detroit's most famous burger is an undeniably delicious no-frills classic: a thick patty
of fresh ground beef on an honest bun, brought to your table on a square of waxed paper.
Help yourself to pickles from a jar on the condiment tray or a sliced onion.
Want cheese? It's Swiss or Velveeta, sliced off long loafs and melted onto the patty into near-
oblivion. You won't get a bill; just tell the bar tender what you had and he'll tell you what you owe.
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Recommendations for Miller's Bar

  • Just a great burger. It is good simply because it doesn't need a lot of "stuff" on it to cover up the taste of the burger.

  • Been going to Miller Bar for many years and it is still the best burger in town. Love the no menu/check still works on the honor system.

  • Wouldn't go anywhere else. Love em, love em, love em!

  • Burger, Cheese, Fries and a Coke

  • I recommend it highly. The burgers are fantastic. When in Dearborn, go to Miller's.

  • Best Burger in the tristate area!!!

  • Best burgers, fries and onion rings!!!

  • nothing like miller's word .........AWESOME!!!

  • Best of the best! Never order this burger beyond medium, you'll miss out on the great flavor of the special blends of beef.

  • Delicious

  • My favorite burger for 35 years.

  • Best juicy burger in town.

  • Just there today, Sons' wifes' first trip great as usual

  • Simply the best bar burger anywhere

  • Been going there for over 50 years. Friends plan flights just to stop in Detroit and go to Millers! GREAT burger & Tony is the best waitress!
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