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Dance Club


Dance Club


Dance Club


Dance Club


Dance Club


Dance Club

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About Luna Royal Oak

For a table or booth reservation, contact or (248) 298-6875.

Recommendations for Luna Royal Oak

  • Luna you can do it!

  • One day I'm going to be married and I'm going to have my bachelorette party here!!!

  • $2 you call it? I think yes. I order drinks I've never been able to taste just because I can.

  • As much as I love being a mother and having a job, when I get that opportunity to go out, I go here and dance the night away.

  • Yess for best dance club.

  • I've been going to Luna occasionally for just over five years. I honestly can not find a place that even comes close to how much I like it. The specials, the cheap/no cover, pizza, the diverse crowd, the amazing music, the amount of people who actually dance and look like they're having an amazing time, the unique/friendly staff, the decorations. I've been all around the United States and there is no place like it.

  • Killer Flamingos rock my world.

  • Best danceclub I've been to yet.

  • it gets really busy on saturday but i love it anyways.

  • not only the best specials, also the best music and hot girls!

  • best dance club around? i think yes. i looooove luna.

  • Wooow, it's so great. There are so many dancing babes here.

  • Wednesday's are my favorite.. $2 you call its 9-11, $3 you call its 11-12, AND THEN FREE PIZZA. I've never been to such a place.

  • I don't really go out often, but when I do Luna is the only place that I will go.

  • Always an interesting time when I go to Luna for the evening. I always meet the most interesting people... and it's amazing.