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    46590 Gratiot
    Chesterfield, MI 48051

    Phone: (586) 949-3060
    Hours: Mon-Thurs 11 am to 9:30 pm Fri-Sat 11 am to 10:30pm Sunday 11 am to 9:30pm
About Leong's 21

Leong's Chinese Restaurant (Leong's 21), is, once again, the recipient of top national and local awards. The restaurant was recently honored in the Top Celebrity Chef & Owners category at the 8th Annual Top 100 Chinese Restaurants Awards Show & Conference. This category recognizes outstanding individuals in the Chinese restaurant industry in the United States and Canada. The awards, sponsored by Asian Restaurant News (ARN), were presented at a ceremony at the Santa Clara Convention Center Theatre, in Santa Clara, CA, on January 9. ARN is the top information resource for Asian-themed restaurants.


"Leong's 21 has an excellent menu and freshly prepared food. Ling, the owner, is a true model of a community business owner. She support her local schools, students and many other community organizations."

"Leongs 21 is the best chinese restaurant. Everything on the menu is delicious, and the waitstaff is always soo nice! LEONGS IS #1"

"Leong's 21 has THE BEST Chinese food around. We are regular customers (sit down and take out). Love the taste, quality, and quantity!"

"Just had Leong's 21 for dinner the other day. It's the only place we go for Chinese food, because it's awesome. I am also very appreciative of their monthly donations to feed homeless families at Solid Ground. God bless you, and I hope you win!"

Recommendations for Leong's 21

  • I love leongs Szechuan chicken its so delicious.

  • love leongs sweet and sour chicken its so good I love the way they cook there chicken.

  • I love leongs sweet and sour pork so very good I always get that or the shrimp you can never go wrong with leongs.

  • I love leongs food so fresh hot and good! it comes out fast to and friendly service.

  • food is great at leongs . you guys have to take my word and go try it so much to choose from at low price and friendly service.

  • I love how friendly the waitress are they get what you want them to and they do a great job there all smiles and very quick on everything !

  • I really like leongs food so much to pick from I try something new every time and there is never a disappointment I love leongs!

  • Bangkok seafood combo I love that dish I love leongs seafood its so good and it comes with so much food ! I really enjoy going to leongs for a great dinner with the family.

  • the triple flavors plate is so good I really like getting that after work for dinner instead of cooking its better than what I can cook in the kitchen lol! that's for sure . I hope you win leongs!!

  • my husband doesn't enjoy Chinese but he loves going there for there broiled steak so we all can get what we love.

  • my kids don't really have the taste for Chinese food but leongs has all kids of food they have so much to pick from that everyone can enjoy something the kids love the chicken fingers that's there favorite place to eat.

  • my wife and me love the general chicken its so good we always go to leongs with the kids they love the almond chicken and the waitress and owners are so nice and friendly it feels like your having a nice dinner at home.

  • the Hawaiian o is delicious I love going there its my favorite place it always make mine and my family's dinner so much better.

  • chicken with garlic sauce is so good I love getting that but only at leongs:) !

  • crispy orange beef is so good my dad and me go there for lunch after work and eat that dish its so good and so much food its hard to eat it all!