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    29850 Groesbeck Hwy
    Roseville, MI 48066

    Phone: (586) 777-7770
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    29850 Groesbech Hwy.
    Roseville, MI 48066

    Phone: 586-777-7770
About Mr. Paul's Chophouse

Mr. Paul's Chophouse has been serving guests for more than 43 years, and its reputation is second to none. Elegant table settings fill the softly lit dining area of the old-fashioned, romantic establishment, while piano player James Cohen gently plays tunes of the big bands era on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday trumplet and vocals by Plez Raybon. Although the dining area isn't as big as other chophouses, there's a cozy, rather than crowded feel.

The art of tableside service has not been forgotten at
Mr. Pauls Chophouse. Freshly prepared ceasare salads, chateaubriand, and cherries jubilee are signature items in this fine establishment.

Recommendations for Mr. Paul's Chophouse

  • Five stars! Been coming here since the 1970's (maybe you read about in the history books), and it's just as excellent as it was back then.

  • Just was at Mr. Paul's Saturday. The ChamBerry dessert fixed tableside was unbelievable! And as always, the food and service were all top notch. Still, and always will be, the BEST!

  • Been going to Mr. Pauls since I was a teen. That was 40 years ago. Still have the best Ceasar salad around, made right at table. Chateaubriand, Dover Sole, Lamb Chops, Filet, Crab & Lobster, Pasta, Cherries Jubilee, Jr's Dry Stoley's martini...O.M.gosh don't forget entertainment too.

  • Fellow worked went in for his 25th wedding anniversary this week and he said everything was perfect - wait-staff, food & drink, and overall dining experience was excellent.

  • Peter, Paul, many great people there!!!! Great food, & wonderful service :)

  • No comparison. Great steakhouse, and everything else about Mr. Paul's is top notch. If you haven't tried Mr. Paul's, then you don't know. If you're into pretentious overpriced trendy restaurants where you want to be 'seen', then don't come here. Down to earth, great food, no nonsense, excellent service, no gimmicks. Always will be Number One.

  • Never a bad meal here, always the best food, service. No comparison. Great variety on the menu, much more to choose from than just skewers of meat and garlic mashed potatoes.

  • Has great service.

  • Number One! Not too concerned about whether this place wins the top spot, because IT IS THE TOP SPOT. You don't know if you haven't tried it. Great food, service, just an all-around wonderful dining experience.

  • No comparison! Food, service, friendliness of hosts & hostesses. waitstaff is unbeatable, service is over the top, food is always the best. Always Number One in my book!

  • Great dining, service, selections.

  • great steak great service

  • Worlds Greatest Caesar Salad

  • So good! Try it, you won't be disappointed.

  • Mr. Paul's is by far, the best place to eat in the Detroit area. Been going there for many years, always consistently excellent.