Marlboro Adams


Band/Artist - Cover Band

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    Detroit, MI 00000
About Marlboro Adams

Do you like seeing bands like Planet of Fun and Room 13? Would you rather spend less time yawning and more time grooving to your favorite songs? Then tune in to Detroit's best kept secret, Marlboro Adams. For 5 years the band has been carefully crafting their catalog of over 100 songs to suit you and your friends' musical requirements. Stop waiting for the next song, come get down with Marlboro Adams!

Recommendations for Marlboro Adams

  • fantastic

  • Marlboro Adams is the equivalent of Viagra

  • Good Band..

  • Terrific Band. Truly a unique sound.

  • these guys are just AWESOME!!!!

  • they rock

  • 100th show-here we come!

  • Unbelievable sound. This band is going places.

  • Marlboro Adams once urinated in a semi-truck's gas tank as a joke.....That truck is now known as Optimus Prime.

  • These guys are the real deal.

  • Can't wait to see their 100th gig

  • check em out!!!!!

  • Awesome Band!!!!!!


  • Great music and excellent musicians, Marlboro Adams rocks it every time!