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    205 E Liberty St
    Ann Arbor, MI 48104

    Phone: (734) 994-4848
About Abracadabra Jewelry

Abracadabra Jewelry/Gem Gallery is a custom jewelry store located in downtown Ann Arbor, family owned since 1974. Specializing in custom design, repairs and appraisals all performed on site, using eco-recycled metals and ethically mined, fair trade, conflict free gemstones and diamonds.

Recommendations for Abracadabra Jewelry

  • This is the most welcoming, accommodating fine jewelry store!!! Their pieces are unique, covering a wide range of prices and are gorgeous!!!

  • These folks are amazing! All are talented, kind, funny and have great taste in jewelry. Natalie did an amazing job on my engagement ring. My wedding ring is gorgeous, and the heart shaped pendant I got for my birthday this summer is a treasure. They rock! (It's that simple.)

  • My now fiance had Abra help him find my one-of-a-kind stone. I know this was a daunting task, but the staff were friendly and VERY patient. Oh, and the ring is amazing! Thanks everyone at Abra!!!

  • Thanks to all our amazing customers, friends and family!!!

  • wonderful designs

  • They custom made my wedding rings and they are PERFECT. The staff is so friendly and works really hard to give you exactly what you want.

  • Thanks to all our loyal fans who are more like friends and family. We really appreciate your support and look forward to many years of fun ahead.

  • Love the pieces they have at Abra! In addition to having wonderful custom design based on what the customer wants, the staff at Abra are socially conscious, using only stones mined fairly. Love this community-conscious jewelry store. The designs and other available stock are fantastic!

  • Great team of designers for engagement and wedding rings! Great people!

  • The staff is incredible. Knowledgeable, friendly, artistic, talented and accommodating! The best place to get a custom ring, or a gift that doesn't look like everyone else's. Their selection of colored gemstones is outstanding. Check them out!

  • vote for abracadabra. best jewelry design in michigan at least. don't think. just vote.

  • awesome place!! love the talent

  • Best custom jewelry store ever!

  • I have my wedding ring from Abra. Steven, Katherine and the whole staff are wonderful! Carrie

  • Always friendly, never rushed.
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