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    Detroit, MI

    Phone: (519) 966-0367
About Bombsquad

Bombsquad have been together for 14 years no member changes. What this means is you get 4 musicians who know each other so well on stage that the chemistry is undeniable and this translates to a clock like performance every time they hit the stage together. They read each other so well and have so much fun it is an obvious good time that is contagious when you see them perform together. . Unlike many of the bands out there who change members regularly. Bombsquad prides itself on stellar musicianship and the chemistry they share together on stage. Between the 4 members there is over a 130 years combined knowledge in the music industry. This band has sang the national anthem for the Detroit tigers 2x and played every casino and many festivals on both sides of the border. They are regulars at all the area casinos and the members of this act have opened for the worlds biggest bands. Bombsquads repertoire of music is vast and touches on all the hits from different eras and genres. They are considered a high energy dance band that like to get people up dancing and having fun. You will hear hits from back in the day from the greatest artists of funk, soul, and disco and motown played effortlessly from Bombsquad. To today's artist like Pharrell, Maroon 5, Cee Lo Green. The band features 3 lead vocalists with excellent harmonizing skills and provide the audience with an excellent stage show while keeping the audience constantly entertained. Check the videos out on the website to see a sample of what this band can do live for your event or party.

Recommendations for Bombsquad

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