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    8571 W. Grand River Ave
    Brighton, MI 48116

    Phone: (810) 220-8571
About Spirit Rising Yoga & Healing

Spirit Rising is 100% Organic. Each class is crafted for who is in the room and your specific personal needs. There are no cookie cutter classes where each practice is the same old thing...

Our goal is that each time you come to the mat, you feel that we were talking only to you and that the class was tailored for exactly what you need.

You are a different person each day - different needs, different moods, different energy, different cells- and need different things each time you come to the mat. We are NON GMO (general mundane and ordinary) It is very important to open the body in different ways each day to support the changes in your body, energy and spirit. A GMO Is a genetically modified organism. Something created from two very separate things mashed together to make profit. Spirit Rising offers an organic and natural way to connect to the joy of your body and life. We believe in healing the body and to do that you have to look at it each day as new.

Spirit Rising is JOY = Just Organic Yoga
The only way to get evolved is to get involved!

Spirit Rising is a beautiful, peaceful destination in downtown Brighton offering a healing opportunity in each class. Experience compassionate loving freedom with every breath
Yoga Classes in Hatha, gentle yoga, Slow Flow Vinyasa, Prana Vinyasa, Hot Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Meridian yoga, Shamanic Spirit Flow, Yin Yoga, Restorative and now Aerial Yoga flow, Aerial restorative yoga and SUP Stand up Paddle Board Yoga

On the healing end, we offer Energy Medicine balancing, Reiki, Cranial sacral therapy, auricular acupuncture, Shamanic energy work and Self acceptance healing via self acceptance process.

Recommendations for Spirit Rising Yoga & Healing

  • Great practice.

  • Stacey is great and friendly. She is like a member of the family. Her new studio is GREAT.

  • Great classes and instruction.

  • Stacy is the Best!!

  • Spirit Rising is a great Yoga Studio -- Stacey is the best!!

  • Love it! Love the energy!!

  • Spirit Rising Yoga & Healing , a studio of grace, laughter, and learning! Love it!

  • Variety, challenge and uh, all those energy lines :)! Love this studio.

  • each class seems to be so much more then just some yoga poses... I feel lighter, fresher, happier and healthier just being at Spirit Rising!

  • top shelf classes, beautiful studio - really beautiful studio, skilled caring teachers

  • I love this place!

  • Almost a year in at Spirit Rising and still amazed at the dedication, skill and passion of all of the instructors.

  • Spirit Rising Yoga and Healing's name is perfect. It delivers!

  • Love the new studio!

  • Great atmosphere!