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    21954 Farmington Rd
    Farmington Hills, MI 48336

    Phone: (800) 234-2779
About Happy's Pizza

In 1994, we opened our fist restaurant in Detroit.  Today, there are over 50 locations in Michigan, Ohio and Illinois and growing. Happy's Pizza is known for it'��s delicious pizza, great value and huge selection.  Kids love our pizza, Dad loves the BBQ ribs and chicken and Grampa is always up for our Jumbo Shrimp. When you eat Happy's, you'�ll be happy.  Our solid granite tabletops and swanky decor will even make Mom happy. Check out our great menu online and come on in for a real happy meal or carry out in less than 15 minutes.  Or give us a call and enjoy our

Recommendations for Happy's Pizza

  • Pizza that tastes like pizza used to, before the heavy crusts and too much sauce! Fresh!

  • If you are not sure what to eat, just check out Happy's menu. There is something for everyone! Freshest food around.

  • Great pizza @ 12 mile and Vandyke

  • Me and MY husband order ALL the time from there! Great food, great service! Would recommend for dinner or catering for a party! Keep up the great work guys ;)

  • Not only do they have the BEST pizza, they have the BEST ribs, rib tips, shrimp and MORE!!!


  • They have the best shrimp dinners.

  • If you havent had Happy's pizza you havent had a REAL pizza yet

  • Happy's has the best ribs and wings!! Everything is so affordable, best place to get quick quality food..


  • Best pizza and other great dishes

  • This site is no longer open but there is one great site at Orchard Lake and 14 Mile Rd/ Northwestern Intersection.

  • Happy's has great pizza, but a lot more, like burgers, subs, chicken, fish, salads, and shrimp. Not to mention great desserts! The best thing is that you can get ANY of this great food delivered to your door, even late at night.

  • great pizza

  • They have so much more than just great pizza. Where else can you get delivery of Burgers, Jumbo Shrimp and Ribs? And the ribs are off the hook. I also love the phone number, 800 BE HAPPY. I never have to search for a flyer because the phone number is so easy to remember.