Mrs. Maddox Cakes

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    24071 Orchard Lake Rd
    Farmington, MI 48336

    Phone: (248) 427-9422
About Mrs. Maddox Cakes

Here at Mrs. Maddox Cakes, we are dedicated to customer service, and take great pride in presenting you with fresh, specialty creations.

Please place your order well in advance to insure we have your favorite delicacies on hand.

Thank you for your business!

Recommendations for Mrs. Maddox Cakes

  • I love this place - deeeeelllllish

  • GREATEST place in the world!!!

  • Best cakes!

  • Best cakes in Detroit

  • Cakes and decorations are wonderful!!!!

  • You can design your own cake and request a certain color with no problem. Most places you are restricted.

  • The very best!

  • This is the best place in the world

  • Wonderful place - highly recommend it.

  • Simply the best...customer since they were located on 7 mile/Schaefer...Detroit over 40 years ago!!!

  • Have you had the cupcakes?! YUMM!!

  • Best Cakes EVER!

  • been consistently good for yearsyearye

  • the best cakes and the best bakery in michigan!!!

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