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Sandwich Shop

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    8500 Capital St
    Oak Park, MI 48237

    Phone: (248) 541-9703
About Ernies Market

Testimonial: My wife, grandson, and I recently stepped back into "Old Detroit" when we visited Ernie's market for a sandwich. We loved it! The market--grocery store stands on a corner and has the look of the mom and pop grocery that I remember as a child.
Step inside and there are the old grocery shelves, some of the memorabilia from the time Ernie's dad started the store and then there's the high school picture of Ernie hanging on the right wall where his dad hung it years ago.
And to get a sandwich from Ernie is not only just getting a sandwich. He performs--as only the old time showmen could-- as he creates this wonderful tall delicious looking sandwcih filled with your choice of condiments, placed very carefully on the sandwich by an assistant. That is all Ernie will allow his assistant to do. He--very definitely--is the only one who makes the sandwiches. It is his specialty performance, a performance that is a thrill to watch. His arms wave in the air as he says, "Baby I will fix you the best sandwich you ever had;" or "Would you like a little love with that?" (Love is his own specially created condiment, one, I think he should market and get placed on the shelves right next to Paul Newman's dressings.)
You definitely have to hold the sandwich in both hands. And you can stand right there and eat it, enjoying the ambiance, or jump into your car and have your stomach put a smile on your face as you drive through the neighborhood.
We will remember our visit to Ernie's Old Detroit Market for a very, very long time. It was a treat and a blessing. Thanks Ernie. You are the spirit of "Old Detroit!" You are the king of the sandwich makers. Love right back at you Ernie. Ellie, Dominick and Joe

Recommendations for Ernies Market

  • Definitely get the "Love"

  • I love the energy and love from Ernie the hersey kisses is always a plus. Great sandwich had one yesterday.

  • good eats

  • YEAH BABY!!!!!!

  • The best sandwich in Michigan. Plus Ernie is great!

  • Ernie's Special is worth the wait! Yeah, Baby!!!

  • great sandwich

  • I use to get candy there when I was 5, I'm 62 now! Wow, who loves you Baby??? Lenore Webb does!

  • The absolute best. Pure joy.

  • Best sandwiches on the planet. Nicest man on the planet. I go to Ernie's a lot. Love ya, baby.

  • Ernies Market in Detroit is the best place to be for sandwiches,friendly faces,with a whole lot of love! The Wilson family has been going there for decades,we love Ernie his family & the best sandwiches in the Detroit area made with LOVE baby :) We would'nt go anywhere else! Who loves ya Baby..we do :)

  • Ernie's is the best ~~~ Food is delicious, fresh and well worth the value. Ernie has the best personality !!!

  • If you are looking for the freshest sandwich and the friendliest service vote for Ernie's. He is number 1.

  • I just found Ernie's through a friend and he makes the best sandwiches I've ever eaten. Period. Yeah Baby!

  • Ferndale and Oak Park loves Ernie's Market!!! Although he isn't our best kept secret anymore :(
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