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    261 E 9 Mile Rd
    Ferndale, MI 48220

    Phone: (248) 327-0575
About Go Comedy! Improv Theater

What is improv at Go Comedy? Here's what our improv isn't. It's not stand-up. It's not mean; you're only part of the show if you volunteer. It's not scripted. It's all made up, based on your suggestions.

The newest comedy theater in metro Detroit, Go Comedy! in downtown Ferndale offers unpredictable improv shows�five nights a week. Plus, we've got a full bar and free parking.

Recommendations for Go Comedy! Improv Theater

  • Go Comedy! is so much fun and the shows are always hilarious. They should win on the basis of shows like Sirs and SIlent Too alone.

  • Best show in town!!! Don't miss it!!

  • I've had some of the best times at GO Comedy.

  • This place is fun! fun! fun! Always a good time, and you will die laughing. If not seek immediate medical attention.

  • If you are looking for a really awesome and fun alternative to "just going to the bar" this is it!

  • Best comedy club. Period!

  • haha

  • Go is a great room to see comedy - not a bad seat in the house. We always leave laughing.

  • Go Comedy rocks! Praise for the Jacokes Brothers!

  • Only place to see improv, great written shows on Thursday as well

  • I have gone to GO Comedy many times. The comedians there lead by Chris DiAnglo keep you laughing for the entire show. If you need to brighten up you day take a trip to GO Comedy in Ferndale,MI.

  • Tons of fun, and a new experience every night!

  • Laugh 'til you cry comedy every time! Love it!

  • No brainer! Go Comedy kicks ass! This place is like my home away from home, I love it. Improv comedy is so amazing to watch and with the friendly atmosphere and great wait staff you can't go wrong spending your night there. Go to Go Comedy immediately!!

  • 2 thumbs up just isn't enough. If only I had 8, or 30!! :)