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    50308 Schoenherr Rd
    Shelby Township, MI 48315

    Phone: (586) 247-9464
About Buffalo Wings & Rings

At BW&R, we love everything about wings. In fact, we made a promise way back in â??84 (the year we served our very first wing), that we would give our customers the absolute finest wings in America, along with more combinations of sauces and heat levels than theyâ??ve ever seen before. In fact, we still blend our signature sauces from our original recipes and make our homemade bleu cheese dressing each morning.

Our specialties include buffalo wings, burgers, gyros, beer, and more.

Recommendations for Buffalo Wings & Rings

  • Great Food

  • Great food

  • the selection of many different burgers, quesadillas,starters, and wings sauces is amazing! The staff is EXTREMLY friendly and it's a great family atmosphere. You haven't had great food until you have eaten at Buffalo Wings & Rings

  • I heard that they just introduced a new menu last monday....the new food is AWSOME!!!!!!!! I highly recommend going there. Ever since I tried their food I haven't even thought about going to that "other" buffalo wings place!

  • Amazing blue cheese!

  • The have so many great sauce flavors, I get a diffrent one every time I go.

  • Awesome food and the people are great!!

  • Great Food Great Owners
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