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    101 S Saginaw St
    Holly, MI 48442

    Phone: (248) 328-8191
About My Sweet Holly!

My Sweet Holly offers a flirty mix of furniture, home decor, jewelry, scarves. We are also a proud distributor of some "hip" t-shirts, hoodies, track jackets from Kid Rock's Made In Detroit apparel. I have something for just about anyone. I have a wide array of prices to offer anyone's budget, including:

-UpScale RePurPosed Furniture
-Local Artists
-New Home Accessories, Jewelry & Scarves.

We carry Made In Detroit Apparel & Michigan Awesome T's.

Recommendations for My Sweet Holly!

  • My Sweet Holly!!


  • My Sweet Holly!!

  • Great little shop. Light and airy and always a cheerful staff!

  • Check out the new chalk paint on some fabulous furniture treasures.

  • What a great place to shop

  • More beautiful furniture coming in on a daily basis! Many gifts at a vast array of prices! A must stop!

  • What a cool store! Love it!

  • I just love this store, I could go crazy buying everything!.It has everything you need for decorating the home to decorating yourself..

  • My Sweet Holly has super unique, one of-a-kind jewelry, home decor, and furniture. Many of their items are repurposed by the owner, or hand made by local artisians. They also carry Made In Detroit - Kid Rock apparel. This store has a little something for everyone. You won't be disappointed!

  • very cool shop

  • Great store if I do say so myself! lol

  • My Sweet Holly is the most beautiful Home De core store in the county!

  • Not just furniture & antiques. Little bit of everything in this store. Jewelry, Scarves, Made In Detroit Apparel by Kid Rock!

  • I love my store! I try to get unique upscale merchandise and keep my prices as low as possible. I do have an array of prices and product. Stop in as it's always changing.
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