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    1113 Butternut Ave
    Royal Oak, MI 48073

    Phone: (734) 462-2810
About Alternative Canine Training

It is the mission of Alternative Canine Training to help you have the best dog possible. You should be able to enjoy and take your dog everywhere and under any circumstance. Our training has a Life Time Guarantee! Behavioral Problems? We help solve them all. Including aggression. So if your dog digs, chews, barks, jumps, steals, runs away or if you just can'Ã???Ã???t walk them A.C.T. Now!

Recommendations for Alternative Canine Training

  • They are the best!

  • There is no better than Bonnie. My grandchildren were terrified of my fox terrier, Button, because she would bark aggressively and charge them. Her incessant barking was driving me up the wall and she destroyed linens and pillows. Now, she is a very well-behaved dog my grand-children love. She obeys me almost all the time. :) Bonnie adjusts her training to each dog and I've never seen her fail to accomplish what she wants. I HIGHLY recommend her. Thank you, Bonnie.

  • Bonnie is the best!

  • Bonny is the "puppy whisperer."

  • Best of the rest!!!

  • Bonny is a wonderful trainer for the Person as well as the Dog. I would recommend her every time.

  • they rock

  • Bonnie is the best!


  • I like the monthly maintenance classes and that they are outside in the Summer. It's a good, regular review for my dog and me.

  • Bonnie is great!

  • Letter sent to ACT after trainning Shadow My wife and I would like to thank you for bringing back Shadow, our seven and a half month old chocolate Lab, two weeks after you took her to boot camp. Shadow came back behaving like the dog we dreamed of having when she first came to us five months ago. It is now twenty four hours since the arrival of Shadow and we can all enjoy walking her, I, my wife, our five year old neighbor boy, our eight year old neighbor girl and their parents. We have already received compliments on her behavior and need I say how well behaved she is at home. This afternoon we took her an elementary school to pick up our eight year old neighbor girl and it was she that walked Shadow back to the truck through all the children and parents. What a sight to see. Thank you very much. George Salinas

  • ACT is the best! Michele D.

  • thier the best!

  • A true expert in canine training. The best I've ever encountered.