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About Dago Joe's

Dago Joe's is a Detroit area based gourmet Italian food maker, that just wants to make the very best tasting, good-for-you food, get you to eat it, have you love it, all while hopefully doing something you enjoy (don't forget the vino). Is that too much to ask for? Our passion for quality food starts at the heart of Italian food, the sauce. Come get saucy with us! Join the family for exclusive events, monthly giveaways, birthday specials, and sh$#! And if you don't, well who asked you anyway?

Recommendations for Dago Joe's

  • I feel like a real dago now


  • There is NO sauce like this one!

  • The very best ravioli!! OMG!

  • Oh My God! Those ravioli are to DIE for!

  • Awesome sauces and meatballs!!

  • The Lush sauce is the best!

  • MEATBALLS - what else should I say

  • love the racy olive sauce - stuff shells are perfect!!

  • Best Meatball sandwich for real!

  • best sauce!

  • Actual handmade ravioli!!!