Zoey's Resale


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    13066 Northline Road
    Southgate, MI 48195

    Phone: (734) 225-7730
    Hours: Monday - Saturday 9am-7pm Closed Sundays
About Zoey's Resale

Zoey's opened on November 1, 2010; with a goal,to bring resale prices back to resale! Clothing from name brand to walmart brand, for the entire family is priced at $2.00 except jeans, dresses and coats are $2.99 and newborn to size 2 are .50 cents and size 3 - 5 are .99 cents. Locally owned and operated by the Gray's in Southgate Zoey's donate 10% of their monthly gross sales to help the downriver community, children in need. Anyone in need for clothing would never be turned away. Every shopper becomes a personal friend of the Gray's

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