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Coney Island

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    8533 N Lilley Rd
    Canton, MI 48187

    Phone: (734) 414-0890
About Canton Coney Island

Experience fast food dining at its best while visiting our family restaurant in Canton, Michigan. Successfully operating for 27 years, Canton Coney Island serves quality food at affordable prices. We have the largest buffet in our area, which includes seafood, Greek food, sandwiches, and salads.

Recommendations for Canton Coney Island

  • I love the fish and chips!!!!

  • I think Canton Coney Island should be #1 in town. They have the best chili cheese fries!!

  • The place is friendly and clean.

  • great food great service... number one to me!

  • Best breakfast buffet in the area.

  • my favorite restaurant

  • i like the breakfast buffet!

  • i love their omelettes


  • good quality food at great prices

  • i love the banquet

  • they have delicious food!

  • they have delicious pancakes!

  • my favorite restaurant

  • they have fast service and great staff
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