Dearborn Italian Bakery

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Pizza By The Slice


Pizza By The Slice

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About Dearborn Italian Bakery

Here at Dearborn Italian Bakery, we sell pepperoni rolls, large meat lasagna, breaded chicken and more.

What makes our bakery unique is our breakfast pizza, served mornings from 6 to 9 am.

See you soon!

Recommendations for Dearborn Italian Bakery

  • Forget bagels, DIB breakfast pizza is a huge hit at morning office meetings! Yum!

  • great place

  • They have great pizza & snadwiches!!

  • Always excellent.


  • just love their pepperoni rolls plus they have early birds specials.

  • Love Pizza Slice Day on Monday's!!! They are the best and have the best variety. Staff has great customer service skills!

  • delish!
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